2009/7/1 Simon Denier <Simon.Denier@inria.fr>

On 1 juil. 09, at 15:08, Alberto Bacchelli wrote:

Hi everybody,

"Unhandled exception: Unknown character".

I'm not a fine connoisseur of iPlasma so here is some general tips:

Did you try to debug the exception, see what is the character in question?

Yes, I tried. The problematic character seems to be " [ ".
I searched for it both in the correctly-imported MSE files and in the not-correctly-imported ones.
In the latter case, I see that there are many fields like this:

(name '[]')

which are not present in the correctly-imported MSE files.

You can also check file format, see what kind of return line characters it uses...

Carriage return shouldn't be a problem since some MSE files are correctly imported.

Finally, you can try to generate two mse of the same version of JRuby with the two iPlasma and compare them with a file merge (might not work at all because the content and the order will be different, but maybe you can catch something) 

I have only one iPlasma version (the one that is available here: http://loose.upt.ro/iplasma/download.html) are there more? Where can I find them?

The first releases are correctly imported in Moose.

If you want to help me with this problem,
you find an example of a problematic MSE here : http://www.inf.unisi.ch/phd/bacchelli/research/20080720_jruby-1.1.3.mse
and an example of a not-problematic MSE here : http://www.inf.unisi.ch/phd/bacchelli/research/20060802_jruby-0.9.0.mse