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Now I wonder if the new implementation is correct because it would be nice to take into account class definition size.


MooseAbstractGroup >> numberOfLinesOfCode

            <MSEProperty: #numberOfLinesOfCode type: #Number>

            <MSEComment: 'The number of classes in the model'>

            ^ self

                        lookUpPropertyNamed: #numberOfLinesOfCode

                        computedAs: [ self allMethods sum: #numberOfLinesOfCode ]


What do you think?


That it is only for Smalltalk because with do not have this problem in Java. I do not even think that in Smalltalk the class definition is represented in the moose model by an entity.

I have no time to check it now.


It is wrong.

In Java, the number of lines of code of a class DOES NOT EQUAL to the sum of the number of lines of code of its methods. You have all the class definition part with the imports, the variable instance definitions and so on.

Stephane’s remark does not mean that the old definition was correct. In any case, the new one is wrong.


Ok, you are right.

In Java IVs initialization are already represented inside a method so only the imports are missing, but the imports are not even in the model, this kind of data have to be integrated in the parsing if you what the right value.









If you want to specialize it, it should be language dependent.









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