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I have no idea. Maybe something related to Nativeboost. 
If you use a pre-Spur image and VM you will not have any problem.

I am really wondering whether having Spur for Pharo 5 is such a good idea.

I don't know. Before running faster, I need to be able to run something. Or at least some key packages like Roassal2 :)

Today I spent all day trying to run Pharo 5 + Roassal2 in Windows 8.1 without hangs. Not working yet, even with stack VM http://get.pharo.org/50+vm
The 0-byte crash.dmp is not helping at all. This is dissapointing because I was not planning to debug the VM, or consider moving to Linux.

Anyway, is there a way to get a pharo 5 pre-spur image and VM now?


This is christmax. We worked 8 h a day last week teaching. We travel from the other part of the world.
Why do you update the bleeding Pharo 50 and after complain?
I do not get it. I did not update for some of my projects because I do not have the time to allocate.
Just report your problems to the Pharo mailing-list and we will see.
Esteban will work on Fixing the glitches. Now if people would have helped us to work on Spur
we would have spare probably 6 months effort. Now this was not the case so it took us 6 months.

yes, people often forgets Pharo 5 is still alpha. We encourage people to use it as a way to find bugs and solve them… now they cannot expect it is stable until it is not alpha any more :)


ps: Roassal2 was working on mac and linux, I didn’t tested it on windows but I did test Athens… anyway, I need a bug report and patience :)

The problem is nothing is reported (there is just an empty crash.dmp), except the crash dialog. Can you share your best link(s) to set up a debug VM so I can help?

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