On 1 juil. 09, at 15:08, Alberto Bacchelli wrote:

Hi everybody,

I created a few MSE files from JRuby releases using iPlasma 6.1

However, when I try to import them in Moose (I am using Visualworks 7.6nc at the moment),
on the most recent releases I get the following exception:

"Unhandled exception: Unknown character".

I'm not a fine connoisseur of iPlasma so here is some general tips:

Did you try to debug the exception, see what is the character in question?

You can also check file format, see what kind of return line characters it uses...

Finally, you can try to generate two mse of the same version of JRuby with the two iPlasma and compare them with a file merge (might not work at all because the content and the order will be different, but maybe you can catch something) 

The first releases are correctly imported in Moose.

If you want to help me with this problem,
you find an example of a problematic MSE here : http://www.inf.unisi.ch/phd/bacchelli/research/20080720_jruby-1.1.3.mse
and an example of a not-problematic MSE here : http://www.inf.unisi.ch/phd/bacchelli/research/20060802_jruby-0.9.0.mse

Thank you,

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