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From: "Valloud, Andres" <>
Date: January 24, 2009 10:27:26 AM CEST
To: "VWNC" <>
Subject: [vwnc] Assistance request

I am doing some work with short compiled methods, and I would like some information from actual application images.  The attached parcel adds a few methods to CompiledCode in order to make the needed observation.  The code that performs the measurement is in the comments of the parcel.  To produce the needed data, load the parcel, inspect the result of evaluating the code in the parcel's comments, and send me the resulting list of triplets.  Thanks in advance!
PS: note that the measurement will modify many of the compiled methods in the image... this should not cause problems because the resulting compiled methods are equivalent after the modifications are done.  However, you may want to ditch the image after the triplets are created.