Hi again Andrei,

On 19 July 2017 at 23:58, Andrei Chis <chisvasileandrei@gmail.com> wrote:
For creating a browser that refreshes automatically have a look at GLMPresentation>>#wantsSteps, GLMPresentation >>wantsAutomaticRefresh, and GLMPresentation >>stepTime.These just use the stepping mechanism from Morphic. For this to work you'll need to create your browser in a subclass of GLMCompositePresentation and override #step. GTInspector>>step is an example.

If you want to enable refresh in the inspector use GTInspector class>>enableStepRefresh. Then you need to configure your extension using #wantsAutomaticRefresh:. For the moment this will just work for #fastTable and #fastList presentations. I can tell you what you need to add to Glamour if you are using other presentations.

Could you please tell me how to do this for text?

For my use case of showing the incremental output of a running Unix process it seems to make the most sense to display in a text presentation (could make a list of lines instead...) and to poll frequently on a stepping callback.