Thanks for the prebuild image, works like a charm. For me is a timely reading because I'm now redesigning the interface of my project. I considered for a while jumping directly to bloc, but there is still not enough documentation, so I will go with Spec first. In fact there is a sense of continuous moving in Pharo that is nice, but can be difficult at the same time.

So, some feedback:

a) All the looking is pretty nice. I specially like the "Window with content" example (the one with the dog).
b) I think that we need visual clues to tell apart tabs from buttons, from menus.
c) I was unable to find a named menu, only the vertical suspensive points without any name. Named menus are a big advantage of Spec over GT-Tools,  so will be nice to have them on this new interface.
d) When you click on the examples window it doesn't raise over other windows, you need to move it to get it raised.
e) Fonts seems kind of pixelated when compared between current pharo 4 and pharo + bloc. See the comparison here (left pharo 4, right: Pharo + Bloc).

f) I have been looking for information on how to renew the icons of my interface and material icons are really nice. Would be useful to have them listed somehow besides the current eclipse ones.

I wonder how difficult will be to migrate an interface from Spec to bloc in the future. Should I stick with Spec?



Thanks and keep the good work.

On 27/08/15 15:00, Aliaksei Syrel wrote:

We prepared a working image with Brick preview :) Just open it with the latest Pharo VM and you will instantly see an example browser


On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 10:13 PM, Tudor Girba <tudor@tudorgirba.com> wrote:

We are happy to announce the first preview version of Brick, a new widget set created from scratch on top of Bloc.

Brick is being developed primarily by Alex Syrel (together with Alain Plantec, Andrei Chis and myself), and the work is sponsored by ESUG. Brick is part of the Glamorous Toolkit effort and will provide the basis for the new versions of the development tools.

Brick's goal is to provide a beautiful looking widget set, and the default look is based on material design. The widgets are theme-able.

Right now, there exists:
- Label
- Simple button
- Toggle button
- Checkbox
- Radio button
- Window with or without an active title bar that can include various visual actions and info
- Menu
- Beautiful scrollbars that are thin by default and enlarge when the mouse hovers over it
- Scalable list for huge amounts of items with various heights
(The list also allows one for embedding text widgets with in place editing)

The next immediate target is the creation of a new Pager widget (the widget that is behind the current GTInspector).

You can see some screenshots on the official site:

To play with it, you can download a ready-made image:

and, in a Bloc space, you can browse the examples:
BrExampleBrowser exampleOpen

We would be happy to hear your feedback.



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