On 05/06/15 17:03, Alexandre Bergel wrote:

- Why composite shape was not the right thing to use and how can a newbie could differenciate which strategy to use?

I think that the problem is the lack of good documentation. With all this time, I am convinced that composite shapes are good at naming elements. E.g., putting a name on top of circle or a square.

As soon as you want to glue two or more object

Umm... I still don't get it. Seems that the proper way to group objects together is not by Composite shapes but with RTGroup and RTNest. Hopefully with the time I will. Anyway I hope this question can help to improve documentation.

Now, with some tweaks on the view, I'm capable of getting something like this:

Which is pretty close to what we originally planed. I would like to play with some color saturation on the epicycle, which could imply, at some point changing the color of the font of the numbers on it, changing from black to other colors. I also presume that would be nice to have some kind of scale in the graph. Distance between epycicle and nucleus avatar is measured in a logarithmic inspired scale, first days (green), then weeks (orange), then months (red) and finally years (black).

So, two more questions:

- How can I select the zoom out level of the view, making all object to fit in that view automatically (the screenshot was obtained by manually zooming out and arranging the visual objects).
- How can I get this kind of "logarithmic" scale a rule in the bottom of the view.

- A sytle question "labeledCircleSized: upLabel: downLabel: at:" seems descriptive to me, but I don't know if has the proper style for a method name. I can read Smalltalk with Style to look at it, now that I know more about the environment, but advice of seasoned smalltalkers would help a lot in getting proper style also.

You may want to use a factory object to configure its creation :-)

I remember reading something about factory of objects in the book Squeak Learn programming with Robots, but that was the name for a class... still I don't get it :-/

Will you be at Esug by the way? We will have a camp about Roassal.

Unfortunately I will not (long distance between Colombia and Europe), but hopefully I will find the way to visit Chile :-).