Btw we are having a stand on Sunday!!
Fresh news :)

El sáb., 7 de dic. de 2019 09:39, Santiago Bragagnolo <> escribió:
Great! Don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything on this, Phil.

El vie., 6 de dic. de 2019 19:35, <> escribió:
All right.

I will have some holidays after Christmas so I will have time to prepare.


On Fri, 6 Dec 2019, 19:27 Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas, <> wrote:

Santiago and Phil,

Thanks for voluntering to give a talk in FOSSDEM. I did summit it, under the "Open Research Tools & Technologies" category[1], as I think it fits better.


The title is something like "Grafoscopio: a pocket infrastructure fo bridge reproducible research with investigative journalism, data feminism and civic hacktivism" or something like that. This is the abstract:


We will showcase Grafoscopio, a flexible, extensible, self contained "pocket infrastructure", which simplifies infrastructure to amplify participation, so reproducible research and publishing, agile data storytelling and custom data visualization can be used in fields like investigative journalism, data feminism and civic hacktivism. We will show prototypes developed with Grafoscopio in the previously mentioned domains, the motivations behind Grafoscopio and the local community practices around it that deconstruct binary relations of power (software developer/user, data producer / consumer, software binary / source code, male/female) and approach reproducible research practices and tools from a perspective located and embodied in a particular place of the Global South in Latin America and in contrast/dialogue with Global North perspectives.


Also I applied to another event in Brussels organized for digital activist that will be happening on January 20th, so maybe we can get some funding to be there and I put in the FOSSDEM submission notes that people in Europe could talk about Grafoscopio in case no funding is available.



On 31/10/19 6:10 a. m., wrote:
I should be there as well (I am local after all).

Would be cool to do something about Grafoscopio as I use it quite often.


On Thu, 31 Oct 2019, 10:32 Santiago Bragagnolo, <> wrote:
Hi Offray!! I have no clue if there are scholarships. To be honest i don't think so, since it is completely free. but still, don't take my word. Check it. I can do some research on it tomorrow.

If not the case, we can do the proposal together, and if they accept the talk we do an intensive couching / course and i present it :)

El mié., 30 oct. 2019 a las 0:02, Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas (<>) escribió:

On 29/10/19 4:24 a. m., Santiago Bragagnolo wrote:


    Offray! I think there is space for graphoscope in here. If you can give a talk, great, if not, i propose my self to be the speaker (of course in that case i will need some couching and teaching on the usage).

I will love to be in Brussels for early February to give the talk, but if the event has no scholarships or travel funding, I can couch you about what we have being doing with Grafoscopio since 2015 and giving some overview of explanatory materials including the mind maps, projects, prototypes, and docs I use for the presentations.

Thanks for keeping and eye on this and thinking in the way the wider community can participate on this,