Hi Offray,
 this snippet may help...

squareResize: aForm to: size
| newForm |
newForm := Form extent: size @ size depth: aForm depth.
(WarpBlt current toForm: newForm)
sourceForm: aForm;
colorMap: (aForm colormapIfNeededFor: newForm);
cellSize: 2;
combinationRule: 3;
copyQuad: aForm boundingBox innerCorners toRect: newForm boundingBox.
^ newForm

of course then you use the Form, and put it into the RT machinery.

best regards

On Sun, Jul 3, 2016 at 12:21 AM, Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas <offray.luna@mutabit.com> wrote:


I can arrange elements in a visualization where the size/area of an RTBox is proportional to a specified value, like here:

or I can made all avatars (RTBitmaps) appear into this one:

But I would like to combine both, making the avatars area proportional to a given value and present them in a RTFlowLayout. Is this possible and how?



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