I am using Roassal2-AlexandreBergel.1335 in Pharo 5.

Most, if not all, Grapher example visualizations starts at point 0 in the X axis. My points are chromosome positions starting at 7,000,000. Is there a way to configure the X axis to start from that position or a custom value? (X label always start at 0 but points does not get rendered until 7M).

If you take the following as example, I would like to start the X axis at 1 approx removing the empty range between 0 and 1.

| b values ds |
b := RTGrapher new.
values := #(5 6 7 -1 -3).
b extent: 400 @ 300.

ds := RTData new.
ds interaction popup.
ds points: values.
ds connectColor: Color red.
ds y: #yourself.

b add: ds.

b build.
^ b view