In order to provide a reporting system for pharo, I implemented some tools over arki, build some concerns, work on way to save reports.
There still work to do, but you can already test it and give me feedback if you want :):

Download the package 'MooseComputedConcerns' at: www.squeaksource.com/MooseDemoReport.
A message will tell you to resolve depencies by first loading 'System-Benchmarks'.
As the concern about benchmarks is not finished you can choose to 'proceed' (the benchmarkConcern will just not been working).
Otherwise you can load 'System-Benchmarks' from the same repository (allow 'block argument assignement' in the settings before).

Then you will be able, in the moose panel, to right click on a model and open a arki reporter.
You can then play a bit with the browser.

pay attencion : load the last version of 'Refactoring-core' to be able to use the LintRules-Concern