Yes. I took the example of Usman to get a Glamour window outside.
The code inside #painting: works in a single Roassal visualization
I don't know if I can do this thing inside the block, so please correct me if I'm terribly wrong.

| browser viewHack |
browser := GLMTabulator new.
browser column: #list; column: #drawing.

browser transmit
    to: #list;
    andShow: [ :a | a list ].
browser transmit
    to: #drawing;
    andShow: [ :a |
        a roassal painting: [ :roview :collection |           
            roview interaction popupView: [ :el :popupView |
                popupView shape rectangle fillColor: Color yellow.
                popupView node: 20 forIt: [
                    popupView shape rectangle size: 70; fillColor: Color green.
                    popupView node: 30
            popupView horizontalLineLayout.
            popupView applyLayout
            roview shape rectangle size: 40.
            roview node: 10.
            viewHack := roview view.

    browser transmit
        from: #list port:#selection;
        to: #drawing;
        transformed:[ :x |
            | targetElement foundElements |
            viewHack elements do: [ :el | el @ ROLightlyHighlightable ].
            targetElement := viewHack elements at: x.
            ROFocusView on: targetElement.
            (targetElement color: Color red) @ ROLightlyHighlightable.
            viewHack signalUpdate
    browser openOn: #(1).

On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 2:15 PM, Tudor Girba <> wrote:

The minimap and popup are not the same thing. The popup is entirely handled by Roassal, and it should work.

Could you provide a minimal example to reproduce the problem?


On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 1:48 PM, Gustavo Santos <> wrote:

I'm currently working with Martin (Dias) in the migration of Torch to Pharo
In this tool, we now have a Glamour window and a Roassal visualization
inside, in which we can interact with mouse click events. In one of the
interactions, the user moves the mouse over a node and a popup window is
supposed to show with further informations. But no popup is shown, although
the body of the popupView: method is executed.

I was talking to Usman and he showed me this thread (with small example)
in which Roassal and Glamour do not communicate well with this kind of
Is there some progress or workarounds with this issue?

Gustavo Santos

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