This is because we fixed the version of Roassal we use for Telescope
In Telescope stable, we use revision 705
Now we use revision 913 (labeled development version for now)

We have too many things to do and too few hands to do it, so when something works we block the revisions.
We don't have the man power to follow day by day the changes in Roassal, petitparser, famix, ...

I guess that explains my previous email:

the developement version of Telescope now works on last Moose 5.1 which loads roassal revision 913
(of course, if Moose 5.1 changes, telescope will again be behind :-( )


On 15/06/2015 22:20, Alexandre Bergel wrote:
So now, you can have Telescope with Moose.
One needs to load ConfigOfTelescope -> developement
and ConfigOfRoassalForTelescope -> development

Why ConfigOfRoassalForTelescope ? What is that?


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