Ahem, I noticed just now that I was looking at an old version of the Configuration that was in the MetaRepoForPharo50
I've moved the instance side catalog methods to class side and copied it to the metarepos.

I've not fixed the following":
The way #stable is defined now in version113, couples directly to version 3.1.4 of GlamourCore, which connects
directly to 1.2.14 (or 15) of Rubric. GlamourCore has now moved forward to 3.1.5, fixing an issue that should have
zero impact on its users (15586, #on:send:to: -> #when:send:to).  Rubric has also moved forward.
Do you really want to create a new version of ConfigurationOfRoassal2 every time either ConfigurationOfRubric,
ConfigurationOfGlamourCore or Neo-JSON-Core changes?


On 16-06-15 13:03, stephan wrote:

On 15-06-15 22:20, Alexandre Bergel wrote:
So now, you can have Telescope with Moose.
One needs to load ConfigOfTelescope -> developement
and ConfigOfRoassalForTelescope -> development

Why ConfigOfRoassalForTelescope ? What is that?

That is what should be a group (or even just a version)  in the ConfigurationOfRoassal
We don't get better configurations by duplicating volatile information

In the configuration of Roassal2, I would prefer to see:
- loading Neo-JSON-Core through its configuration instead of direct
- using #stable of the configuration instead of a version number.


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