Hi Nicolas,

I have prepared a little example with Roassal3, let me know what you think

El mar., 11 feb. 2020 a las 6:09, Nicolas Anquetil (<nicolas.anquetil@inria.fr>) escribió:


I am trying to achieve something like
RTInteractionExample>>exampleExpandable but with several levels of
expansion: a node with nodes inside with nodes inside
and each container node can be "opened" (expanded) or closed.

Not sure how to do it and mainly how to resize all the ancestors of a
node when an inner node is expanded

imagine for example representing the pharo class hierarchy as a single
Object node, clicking on the node expand it and shows all its
subclasses inside, clicking on a subclass expands it, ...

Any suggestion ?


Nicolas Anquetil
RMod team -- Inria Lille

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