That is the kind of view you can do with it :

What is a graphical representation of the AST of the code :

RBConfigurableFormatter class>>oneLineMessages: aString
    OneLineMessages := self compiler evaluate: aString

Le 06/02/2014 16:56, Nicolas Anquetil a écrit :


could you post an view too so that people don't have to load FAST and generate an AST to see what it is?

thank you


On 02/06/2014 04:48 PM, Vincent Blondeau wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am developing a API to do some searches and transformations on FAST.
To displaying the FAST AST, I created a tool using Roassal. You can download it by doing :

Gofer new
    smalltalkhubUser: 'VincentBlondeau' project: 'FAST-Refactoring';
    package: 'FAST-Displaying';

You can use the tool on a method or a part of a method (ie a FASTEntity) by generating the FAST models (in a FAST image, right click on a moose model -> FAST -> generate FAST), and doing, for example :

FASTERDisplay display: MooseModel root first allMethods first

Moreover, I would like to extend this tool to FAMIX and display the moose model like a forest (group of tree).
For this displaying, I need the children of an entity and its parent.
I found in the MooseModel the functions : children and belongsTo.
Are they dedicated functions for this kind of purpose ?

Because some don't seem to return the right objects like FAMIXPackage>>children that returning only children Packages and not children packages and classes.
And in MooseEntity, there is a method "children" whose return is unexpected...

Thanks for your answers


Vincent Blondeau
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