Nice !

Thank you very much for sharing Jan, we are going to take a look shortly !


2015-02-17 12:13 GMT-03:00 Jan B. <>:

I decided to reuse this old topic, because we came to point we needed to
have line decorations on start of a line (ie. not only heads, but also
"tails"), so I implemented system of line decorations which could be used
this way, and a variation of RTArrowedLine which has support for my tails

And I would like to share...
Maybe someone could help me find a reason why my system may be bad, or
opposite, you could get inspiration for usage in Roassal itself or even use
my classes directly.

There are used few additional trachel shapes which we added as our extension
of trachel, for example circle head shape...

If you have both of these packages, you should be able to run example:
DCRTDecoratedLine example.

If you decide to include this into Roassal, I should note few things...
1) It is tested only manually for our uses
2) All those classes have "DC" prefix, which should not be in Roassal itself
(it is abbreviation of our project), like it happened with class name of my
trachel canvas exporter,  (DC)TRCanvasExporter

Jan Blizničenko

Jan B. wrote
> Hello
> We use Roassal 2 for visual side of a project we are working on - a
> diagram modelling tool (like enterprise architect) and we came to a
> specific need. There are notations like UML which need heads/arrows on
> both ends of a single line.
> As far as I understand the roassal code, line decorations are encoded to
> be at the "to" end and can't be on the other one.
> We would use help with this problem.
> Thanks
> Jan Blizničenko

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