Hello everyone,

We cordially invite you to attend Lukas Seeholzer's Bachelor's thesis presentation this Thursday.

Topic: Feature Detection on Triangle Meshes

Time: March 4th, 14:15

Place: https://unibe-ch.zoom.us/j/91998900222

Abstract: Features are essential in defining the shape of a 3-dimensional model. This thesis introduces a method to automatically detect these features in a reasonable time and offers easy to use manual tools to improve the results.

After the presentation, there will be opportunity for questions and discussions.

Please note that attending all seminar and thesis presentations is mandatory for students who do their Bachelor's thesis with us. We do however we assume and hope that the presentations will be both interesting to you (as you've shown interest in Computer Graphics / Geometry Processing by doing your thesis with us) as well as beneficial for your own future thesis work and presentations.

Side note: If you do your Bachelor's thesis with us haven't joined this semester's seminar on Ilias, please sign up here: https://ilias.unibe.ch/goto_ilias3_unibe_crs_1841390.html

Best Regards

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